Werker Correspondent aims to develop an autonomous and economically self-sustainable community of reporters and subscribers. The intention of this network is to function as a direct unmediated information source, communicating the everyday realities in different parts of the world.

Werker Correspondent aims to investigate ways of decelerating today’s relentless flow of images, by means of printing those images produced by participants in the network and periodically distributing them by ordinary mail. The printed object is not superfluous. Rather, it serves an important purpose: werker correspondent wants to discuss the information its contributors spread, and we would like to hold it in our hands.

Werker Correspondent is looking for different kinds of images and affections that can be constructed through a direct connection between contributors and subscribers of the network. we propose empathy and solidarity over clashing civilisations. Everydayness and internationalism in contrast to the notion of otherness. Autonomy and self-representation in contrast to dominant media.