A Dedication of Life

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name: Marissa / age: 41 / profession: domestic worker & coordinator / location: london / weekday: wednesday / reference: (when domestic worker’s sacrifice is too much to bear and fighting to survive is the only way) / “Oh, God! Please Let our sister Live…..”, 6 Months she may survive, 1 year maybe or even 5 years she may reach, A last stage of cancer she is so determine to defeat, Going Home to Philippines seems hell and bitter, As she found sweet refuge in UK as her Home / A smiling face greeted me as I open the door, Full of life with no trace of fear and sorrows, Dying is too near and yet too far to embrace her, Strength within I wonder where it from, As I hold her to feel her warm heart again / A family and life she would live to fight for, Unfulfilled dreams she may have had, Oh, our loving God, her thoughts are so founded and real, As she whisper her wishes through the air, Like an arts of life wandering around / Oh, God! Please let her life be spare, When would that be, please not too soon, Powerless I may to you, I dare not challenge you, You alone and only you would let us live, Oh, not let death be the short vengeance, When living could be her penance of fulfillment.

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