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name: derveloy
age: 29
profession: designer
location: arnhema
weekday: monday
reference: dictionnaray / dictionnaryday
go, little booke, god send thee good passage, And specially let this be thy prayer, unto them all that thee will read or hear, where thou art wrong, after their help to call, thee to correct in any part or all. From our dear home dictionnary.

Bilderkritik 2

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werker3_bilderkritik_2_10 copyBilderkritik 2 – Doors & Windows was organised at The Showroom within their Communal Knowledge program. Members from Justice for Domestic Workers (J4DW), a self-organised group of migrant domestic workers who work in private houses in the UK, were the main participants of the workshop. Young artists, curators and  activists completed the group. We started with a brief introduction to werker magazine and the worker photographer movement, followed by a collective reading of the outcome of Bilderkritik 1 – Kitchen. Some members of J4DW felt the urge to add their personal stories. They wrote them on sticky notes which created an unexpected intervention into the current design. Previous hesitations about the connection of the project to the Domestic Workers in struggle seemed to have been sorted out.

The following tags were created: Immigration, Hierarchy, Education, Mobility, Safe / Unsafe, Motivation, A Room of Ones Own, Visibility / Invisibility.

download this bilderkritik (in pdf format)

RSI Day job

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name: Reinilde
age: 25
profession: Artist
location: Amsterdam
weekday: sunday
reference: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Anybody who regularly makes continuous repetitive motions for a length of time runs the risk of contracting RSI. The initial stage of RSI is characterized by tingling and tired arms, neck or shoulders.  These symptoms can develop into persistent pain and loss of strength in arms and hands. In this phase treatment is often no longer successful.


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name: tessa
age: 30
profession: visual artist
location: berlin
weekday: wednesday
reference: uranium concentrate (aka. yellow cake) is being raked and dried in a factory. The yellow color gets lost during the refining process.

Please do not touch

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Magdalenaname: Magdalena
age: 28
profession: artist
location: España
weekday: sábado
title: please do not touch
reference: in a autoedition fair / into a “cultural (house) center”/ on a saturday / had taken a lot of beer

being a prop bitch pays, untill the paint fumes kill

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name: Laura Jane
age: 23
profession: cinema worker / print maker
location: hackney
weekday: monday
reference: we worked last summer for a prop design company in brixton, we had to trim 1000 giant paper roses that were made in china and then shipped over to us to trim and style and then be painted because they had been made in the the wrong colour. The roses painted the roses in the same room as us which had no ventilation but we were not allowed to open the roll up door because the warehouse backed onto coldharbour lane which we got told by a man walking by when did rebel and open the shutter that this was murder mile, but everywhere in london has there own murder mile. this was a horrible job but it was the best paid job ive had since i graduated with a fine art degree.

Bilderkritik 1

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Bilderkritik 1 – Kitchen was attended by Binna (Curator, 34), Katayoun (Cultural worker, 28), Maiko (Curator, 34), Marc (Visual artist, 31), Roland (Psychologist, 36), Rogier (Graphic designer, 31). The location of the Bilderkritik is a shared apartment flat of initiators and members of the Network. After enjoying a delicious collective meal prepared by our hosts, we began by looking closely at the 48 images that were categorized under the Kitchen section of the Domestic Worker Photographer Network website. We discussed the adequacy of the tags that were originally given to every image and decided to create more essential ones, pointing directly the material core of every picture. A wall scheme helped us visualizing the new categories and in-between relations. Bilderkritik 1 ends with the collective task of writing brief introductory texts to every new category. These texts should help to articulate and spread the political relevance of the pictures in order to get more Domestic Worker Photographers to join the Network. Bilderkritik 1 – Kitchen is published in The Grand Domestic Revolution – Goes On catalogue by Casco (Office for Art, Design and Theory) in Utrecht.

The following tags were created: Residue, Cooperation, Isolation, Gendered, Vanity, Inventiveness, Quotidian, Cats.

Download Bilderkritik 1: Kitchen (pdf format)

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name: hristina
age: 26
profession: multidisciplinary designer
location: Belgrade
weekday: Friday
title: drawing diary
reference: self-portrait in a home office