Amsterdam — Bilderkritik 1

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Bilderkritik 1 – Kitchen was attended by Binna (Curator, 34), Katayoun (Cultural worker, 28), Maiko (Curator, 34), Marc (Visual artist, 31), Roland (Psychologist, 36), Rogier (Graphic designer, 31). The location of the Bilderkritik is a shared apartment flat of initiators and members of the Network. After enjoying a delicious collective meal prepared by our hosts, we began by looking closely at the 48 images that were categorized under the Kitchen section of the Domestic Worker Photographer Network website. We discussed the adequacy of the tags that were originally given to every image and decided to create more essential ones, pointing directly the material core of every picture. A wall scheme helped us visualizing the new categories and in-between relations. Bilderkritik 1 ends with the collective task of writing brief introductory texts to every new category. These texts should help to articulate and spread the political relevance of the pictures in order to get more Domestic Worker Photographers to join the Network. Bilderkritik 1 – Kitchen is published in The Grand Domestic Revolution – Goes On catalogue by Casco (Office for Art, Design and Theory) in Utrecht.

The following tags were created: Residue, Cooperation, Isolation, Gendered, Vanity, Inventiveness, Quotidian, Cats.

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