London — Bilderkritik 3

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Bilderkritik 3 – Laundry took place at Tate Modern part of Work Like This, an event exploring how strategies of art production and distribution can inform and support social movements related to labour and visibility. The Contributors to this event were: Justice for Domestic Workers, Andrea Franke, and Werker Magazine. This event was organised in collaboration with The Showroom. A discussion about the adequacy of categorising laundry as a room of the Network was raised. Laundry is a domestic task that can take place either in public space or in domestic space; In a room solely dedicated to that task or sharing functions of other rooms as the bathroom or the bedroom of a domestic worker (see contribution: my day bedroom). We decide to keep Laundry as a room in the Network since we find revealing the discussion it generates.

The following tags were created: Family, Public / Private, Relentlessness, Playfulness


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