The fruit of my Labour

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name: Jena / age: 38 / profession: Domestic worker / location: Singapore / weekday: thursday / reference: While working as a domestic worker, I also think of my future and family even with my little salary, I always make sure that I save every month. So far I have now farmland with fruits  and rice fields. I also managed to build my own house bit by bit. I am looking forward to settle back home with my 2 children and husband waiting for me. I am only few among my fellow domestic workers whose Family is not torn apart by surviving urgent needs only to go home with broken family. domestic workers have to leave our family back home in the hope of better life and future of our children and families. Many do not understand us that we have to leave them but for us it is a matter of love and responsibility with strong hope that one day we can be reunited again.

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