Why Work?

St Lucas School of Arts is organising a series of public lectures around the topic Why Work?. Speakers from various disciplines are invited to elaborate on their practice, and engage with MA students from St Lucas in a preceding workshop. What is the motivation and structure underpinning their work? How to remain critical? What happened to the promise of leisure—as Liam Gillick put it in his eponymous essay—and what is the importance of doing nothing? And last but not least, how do these speakers consider their position as cultural workers?
Werker Collective organises a two-part event around their recent publication of 365 Days of Invisible Work. The afternoon begins with an intimate image study in the format of

Bilderkritik at 14:00, followed by a book launch and presentation at 18:30 
Thursday 1 February 2018
Friendship Building
 Rijnkaai 37, Antwerpen.