fanfare inc.

Werker Collective has contributed the 10 Minutes Photography Course for the second chapter of fanfare inc. that is now presented at Manifesta 12 Biennial in Palermo.
fanfare inc. is a creative investigation into the conditions of contemporary creative labour. The second chapter of fanfare inc. is focusing on tools. fanfare inc. comes as a catalogue, a podcast, a website, and active installation.
Anything can arguably be a tool, and one might very well say that the capability of applying toolness to things remains the most significant milestone in human evolution. The advancement of tools has contributed to the development of human culture and the rise of civilization. Tools change, but their essence is constant: something that extends forces, and improves results. Tools simplify our doing. Tools win time. Tools enable movement.

13/06–17/06, 10:00–15:00,
Manifesta 12
, Via Lampionelli 31 / Piazza Meschita 20