Parallel Curriculum

A two day evening school organised by the 2nd year Graphic Design department with Werker Magazine.
Schools and educational institutions are at the basis of our society. They enable personal growth and general development of our common lives. Nevertheless, education at large is also a tool of control and authority. The specialisation of the curriculum is progressively subject to the economic structures in place. Alongside its benefits—the school as a mirror of our society—reinforces a construction that is based on the domination of class, religion, gender, race and sexuality. 
So let’s imagine education without its hierarchical structures, as an egalitarian understanding of learning together, a space for utopia. What will our parallel curriculum be like? What do we need to and want to learn?

6 &
 8/12 2016, 17h – 20h.
 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Pavilion
 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.