Queer 2 Peer Cine Club

An open platform exploring the intersection between peer-to-peer and queer cultures through experimental essayistic filmmaking, media analysis and togetherness. 
This project is inspired by the creativity of polish amateur film-makers from the communist era that managed to build their counter-narratives repurposing the cameras, film and editing tools that were offered to them in official cine-clubs organised by factories throughout the country. 
How can we repurpose the tools that are offered to us by capitalism? Revealing hidden or overlooked aspects of our day-to-day politics can help us to articulate alternative spaces of shared life experience and support our structures of self-governance. 
We invite anyone interested to join our collective editing process towards the articulation of a series of short amateur films focusing on different materialist aspects from our queer realities that demand urgent attention; housing, reproductive work, family, labour, mass-media, sports, revolution and desire. How can filmmaking support our political imagination and emphasize queer modes of being in the world?

26 April – 26 May 2018
Workspace open on Thursdays:
 26/04, 10/05, 17/05, 24/05 
 12:00 – 21:00 (public screening &
 discussion at 19:00)
CCA Ujazdowski Castle 
 Jazdów 2, 00–467 Warsaw.