Rats! Rats! Rats! The Poetic Grammar of Hacking.

The exhibition Rats! Rats! Rats! sees hacking as a poetic and political act and a powerful tool for exploring how artists use virtual grammars to break their way through to reveal liminal spaces where they can imagine alternatives to hegemonic accounts. […] Artists such as Eve Sussman, Zheng Mahler and Elena Asins, for example, place a greater emphasis on post-human agency, whereas others, among them Gordon Matta-Clark, Werker Collective and Martha Rosler, focus on the poetics of the multiple account. Then there are creators who link hacking to the politics of control and the influence of the media, including Öyvind Fahlström, Antoni Muntadas and Grup de Treball.

09/03 – 19/06/2022

Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6–8.
08038 Barcelona