Preliminary Studies Towards 
de Nieuwe Nieuwsmarkt

As part of the exhibition 2 Unlimited, join us for a performative lecture and open discussion about publishing as a community in the past and the future with with Werker Collective, Rietlanden Women’s Office, Experimental Jetset, and others.
Since the last 10 years Amsterdam is experiencing a tourist invasion, students or anyone with a lower income are suffering from high rent, social housing is sold to the private sector and the city council’s offer of housing and studio space for artists and designers is declining in size and further liberalised. Do the policies of the city council coincide with the ideas of the inhabitants? How can art and self-publishing become a space for criticism and speculative political solutions? 
The event marks the beginning of a longer research project that will expand into the future.

Friday, June 29 2018.
Doors open 18:30
 Lecture 19:00 sharp.
De Appel
 Schipluidenlaan 12, 

fanfare inc.

Werker Collective has contributed the 10 Minutes Photography Course for the second chapter of fanfare inc. that is now presented at Manifesta 12 Biennial in Palermo.
fanfare inc. is a creative investigation into the conditions of contemporary creative labour. The second chapter of fanfare inc. is focusing on tools. fanfare inc. comes as a catalogue, a podcast, a website, and active installation.
Anything can arguably be a tool, and one might very well say that the capability of applying toolness to things remains the most significant milestone in human evolution. The advancement of tools has contributed to the development of human culture and the rise of civilization. Tools change, but their essence is constant: something that extends forces, and improves results. Tools simplify our doing. Tools win time. Tools enable movement.

13/06–17/06, 10:00–15:00,
Manifesta 12
, Via Lampionelli 31 / Piazza Meschita 20

365 Days of Invisible Work

Coinciding with the recent publication of 365 Days of Invisible Work, co-published by Werker, Casco and Spector Books, and One Day Without Us, a day celebrating the work of migrant workers by calling a strike for one day. Tenderbooks is hosting a display of materials by the Werker Collective in collaboration with the Voice of Domestic Workers and the Jo Spence Archive to make visible and restore the dignity of domestic, reproductive, and care work.
This event is dedicated to the memory of Jo Spence and Terry Dennett

Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 4 PM – 6 PM
 6 Cecil Court, 
 WC2N 4HE London.

365 días de trabajo invisible

Jornada de visibilización y dignificación del trabajo doméstico, reproductivo y de cuidados organizada por Werker Collective con Sindihogar, Mujeres Pa’lante, Las Libélulas y el colectivo Mujeres Migradas y Diversas.
Coincidiendo con la reciente publicación de 365 Days of Invisible Work, coeditada por Werker, Casco y Spector Books, el MACBA acoge en su atrio a la Mesa en Defensa de los Derechos de las Trabajadoras del Hogar, de la Limpieza, Discontinuas y de los Cuidados, para una tarde reivindicativa y festiva con performances, catering solidario y Bilderkritik.

16/12 2017
 17:00 – 20:00, entrada gratuita,
 Plaça dels Àngels, 1
 08001, Barcelona, España

365 Days of Invisible Work

A two-part event to celebrate the publication of 365 Days of Invisible Work. The afternoon begins with an intimate image study in the format of Bilderkritik at 14:00, followed by the book launch at 17:00 with the Netherlands-based Domestic Worker Photographer Network.

9 December 2017
 14:00 – 19:00, Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons
. Lange Nieuwstraat 7, 3512 PA Utrecht 
 The Netherlands .

Photographs as a public space

The exhibition aims to emphasise the diversity of photographic culture, highlighting the extent to which its principal narratives affect not only the authors’ practices or creative processes, but also how they regulate and condition our experience as viewers. To learn to appreciate this diversity of ideas, approaches and practices will allow us to realise how and to what extent the medium’s most generic discourses modulate how photography can affect us and how we take part in its constant attribution of new meaning.
With: Anna Malagrida, Aleix Plademunt, Daniela Ortiz, Ferran Freixa, Francisco Ontañón, Joan Fontcuberta, Joana Biarnés, Jordi Guillumet i Mònica Roselló, Mabel Palacín, Manel Armengol, Manel Úbeda, Marc Roig Blesa i Rogier Delfos (Werker Collective), Martí Llorens, Pilar Aymerich, M. Tanit Plana i Laia Ramos, Xavier Ribas.

09/11 – 21/01/2018
Arts Santa Mònica
 La Rambla 7, 08002 Barcelona.

École de photographie populaire

Werker Collective travaille avec plusieurs groupes de voisins du quartier de la Busserine à Marseille pour faciliter une réflexion collective sur les formes et les problématiques (locales et globales) du travail contemporain: le travail des jeunes, la migration et la mobilité des travailleurs, les questions de genre liées au travail, l’invisibilité de certains types de travail (notamment le travail domestique naturalisé dans le rôle de la femme), la représentation du travail dans les médias…

06/07 – 06/08 2017
Résidence Rebel Rebel,
 20, bd de Dunkerque
 13002 Marseille.

Launch of Werker 2 featuring performances by Sandberg’s Master of Voice

Werker 2 – A Spoken History of the Young Worker manifests as a publication, but also as an installation that displays its content through spacial arrangement allowing for collective reading; How can documents be performed by its readers? Coming Thursday Werker will present a condensed version of the installation. Students of Sandberg’s Master of Voice will interpret and perform a selection of images and text from the publication. Werker 2 – A Spoken History of the Young Worker functions as an open platform for experiment; the performances can take any shape but only its sound is recorded and archived online.

Thursday November 10 2016, 8pm
San Serriffe,
 Sint Annenstraat 30

The Applicant

An early evening of readings and performance, between obedience and disobedience, in the diplomat’s guest apartment of a highly secured building, dedicated to civil service, between safe haven and violability; the paradox of sovereignty.
Works by: Vela Arbutina, Alex Turgeon, Werker Magazine, Krist Gruijthuijsen, Jenna Sutela, Tess Edmonson, Yosuke Amemiya, Swetlana Heger and Hanne Lippard. Curator: Lisette Smits

30/08 2016,
 6 – 9pm,
Embassy of the Netherlands,
 Klosterstr. 50
 10179 Berlin, Germany.

Communal Knowledge at Work

This programme often operates behind the scenes, through regular conversation and collaboration with artists, researchers, school students, educators, neighbours, community activists and local groups. Workshops, events, artworks and publishing use pedagogy, research and collaboration to explore the histories of feminism, political organising and the community arts movement as well as art practices taking place now.
Prior to the public opening on 12 July, Werker Magazine will work with Schooling &
 Culture to collectively edit and produce a new issue of the S&
C journal, a practical contribution to the current debate on the state of secondary education.

4/07 – 8/07 2016
The Showroom,
 63 Penfold Street
, London.

Werker 6 — Cinema Diary

Book launch of Werker 6 — Cinema Diary, the first of a collection of publications that reflect on the current working conditions of the youth through modes of self-representation and amateur photography.
 Cinema Diary is made in collaboration with Matthijs Diedericks and High &
 Low bureau.

16/04 2014,
 7:30 – 9:30pm. La Caníbal
 Carrer Nàpols 314

Werker 7 — The Language of Revolution

This issue of Werker is meant to be read and discussed collectively by displaying its pages on a wall at home, at school or on the floor of a public square… What is a revolutionary image? Which aesthetic elements are involved in the making of a revolution? Does revolution have a global language? What role does photography and the mass-media play in all this?

06/03 2014, 
Book launch: 7:30–9:30pm,
 Audio reading by Ariella Azoulay at 8:00pm
San Serriffe
 Sint Annenstraat 30

Public Relations

Twenty young Russian and Dutch artists will create work which aims to facilitate interaction between people. During the exhibition, which is based on the appearance of a café, Werker Magazine will develop two Bilderkritik workshops with different Moscovian collectives.

12–29/09, 2013
Public Library of the 
1st of May,
 Leninskiy Prospekt 37A, Moscow, Russia.

Revolution at Point Zero
 Debate &

What is the commons? How does it differ from the public sphere? Where does this concept emerge? Why do we use it? And where can we find examples of it? 
Silvia Federici with ASK!, Domestic Workers Netherlands, Our Autonomous Life?, Platform BK, Queeristan, Werker Magazine and others.

Friday 01/02 2013, 16pm–22pm
 Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam


Cleaning action with Justice for Domestic Workers. 
The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON — London.

Sunday 28/10, 12pm-5pm
The Showroom
 63 Penfold Street

Born in Flames — Resistance

An event based exhibition bringing together various artists connected by their shared fascination for resistance in every imaginable way. Werker Magazine will present Werker 8 — T-shirt Summary a new issue specially developed for the occasion. Come and get your T-shirt! 
Exhibition from 26 May to 30 June 2012.

30/06/2012, 15h – 19h
Ellen de Bruijne Projects
, Rozengracht 207A. Amsterdam

GDR Digest

Cooking and presentation by Ask! (Actie Schone Kunsten) and Domestic Workers Netherlands with guest respondent Jennifer Sigler.

21/02 2012 at 20h
Casco — Office for Art, Design and Theory
, Nieuwekade 213-215, Utrecht.

Kitchen 139

Ten-day Communal Kitchen Experiment co-developed by W139 and Casco in the context of ‘The Grand Domestic Revolution – User’s Manual’ (GDR). 
On Wednesday the 7th ‘Ask! (Actie Schone Kunsten)’ and ‘Girls Like Us’ will be cooking. Ask! will prepare a dessert from Werker 3 – Political Kitchen Calendar!
The restaurant is open at 19h00. Come to eat, cook, think, talk and clean the kitchen with us!

3–17 December 2011
W139 — Space for Contemporary Art
, Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam.