The MAST Collection: A Visual Alphabet of Industry, Work and Technology.

Work inhabits our lives, and social, documentary and historiographic photography pays tribute to it with powerful, convincing, rare and unusual images of a universe which is often overlooked. For the first time the Fondazione MAST presents an extraordinary selection of over 500 images drawn from its collection of photographs, albums and videos. Occupying all the exhibition areas in the MAST building, the iconic images by world-famous artists, less well-known or anonymous photographers and finalists of the MAST Photography Grant offer visual testimony to the world of work. Such is the complexity of the exhibition that it has been structured into 53 chapters devoted to different concepts illustrated by the images on display. The whole topic requires a list of terms that, given the vast range of professions, themes, functions and values relating to the world of work, is never exhaustive.

10/02 – 22/05/2022

Fondazione MAST
Via Speranza 42,
l-40133 Bologna