Werker 3 — 365 Days of Invisible Work

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Technical specifications: Offset publication, 780 pp, 367 black-white images, perfect binding, tear-off, Leipzig September, 2017, ISBN: 9783959051569, Edition Number: 1, Width: 11.6 cm, Length: 18 cm, Language(s): English.

365 Days of Invisible Work contains 365 images collected and compiled by the Domestic Worker Photographer Network. Members of this open network took photographs of themselves and others as gardeners, dishwashers, domestic workers, mothers, interns, artists, and as migrant workers, generating a collective and political representation of domestic space. 365 Days of Invisible Work depicts a critical view of domestic work and work at home, as seen through the eyes of contemporary amateur photographers. 365 Days of Invisible Work was conceived as part of the Grand Domestic Revolution, a “living research” project by Casco, Utrecht, that ran from 2009/10–12.

Credits: Editors (Casco & Werker Collective), Text (Marina Vishmidt, Lisa Jeschke), Images (Domestic Worker Photographer Network), Design (Werker Collective), Publisher/s (Casco, Werker Collective, Spector Books), Funding (Stimuleringsfonds).

Diffusion: ‘365 Days of Invisible Work’ (with the Voice of Domestic Workers & the Jo Spence Memorial Archive) Tenderbooks. London, 2018 / ‘365 Days of Invisible Work’ & Bilderkritik 12 — Corridor, Garage, Terrace & Balcony. Sint Lucas Academy of the Arts, Antwerp 2018 / ‘365 Days of Invisible Work’ (with Taula en Defensa dels drets de les treballadores de la llar i les cures) MACBA, Barcelona 2017 / ‘365 Days of Invisible Work’ & Bilderkritik 11 — Street. Casco, Utrecht 2017.


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