Werker ABC — An Illustrated Post-Marxist Reader

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Technical specifications: 3 fanzines, B&W xerox, 80 pp, 70 black-white images per issue, stapled, Amsterdam 2009, Edition Number: 1, Width: 15 cm, Length: 21 cm, Language(s): English. 100 copies.

Werker ABC is the first publication of the Werker series. It was distributed among our fellow students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy during the ‘Graduation Show’ exhibition. It relates imagery of ‘young men at work’ assembled from many different sources on Internet with contemporary male-leftist theory on labour, also derived from Internet. While these homoerotic leftist readers were distributed in the Art Academy, ‘Werker ABC – Slideshow’ was being displayed in Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas next to Amsterdam’s World Trade Centre.

Credits: Editors (Werker Collective), Text (Giorgio Agamben, Paul Ardenne, Pierre Bordieu, Erik Empson, Brian Holmes, Maurizio Lazzarato, Antonio Negri & Carles Guerra, Jacques Rancière, Vladimir Salnikov, Juha Siltala, TIQQUN, Paolo Virno), Images (Werker Archive), Design (Werker Collective), Publisher (Werker Collective).

Diffusion: ‘Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas’ Amsterdam, 2009. ‘End-exam Show 2009’ Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Amsterdam, 2009.