London — Bilderkritik 2

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werker3_bilderkritik_2_10 copyBilderkritik 2 – Doors & Windows was organised at The Showroom within their Communal Knowledge program. Members from Justice for Domestic Workers (J4DW), a self-organised group of migrant domestic workers who work in private houses in the UK, were the main participants of the workshop. Young artists, curators and  activists completed the group. We started with a brief introduction to werker magazine and the worker photographer movement, followed by a collective reading of the outcome of Bilderkritik 1 – Kitchen. Some members of J4DW felt the urge to add their personal stories. They wrote them on sticky notes which created an unexpected intervention into the current design. Previous hesitations about the connection of the project to the Domestic Workers in struggle seemed to have been sorted out.

The following tags were created: Immigration, Hierarchy, Education, Mobility, Safe / Unsafe, Motivation, A Room of Ones Own, Visibility / Invisibility

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